OUTAGE: Electric 913.573.9522 | Water 913.573.9622
Electric 913.573.9522
Water 913.573.9622
Customer Responsibilities
A row of multicolored homes.

Water Service Customer Responsibilities

OWNER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR the water service line from the home to the 1st control valve. Water service is supplied using an indoor or outdoor meter.

Graphic depicting Homeowners's responsibility of Water Line.  Homer is responsible from home to Meter box or Curb Stop.
Colored Illustration showing a outside water leak 

REPORT WATER RUNNING outside and outages to the Water Outage Line at 913-573-9622.

Colored Illustratration showing a plumber 

OWNER MUST CALL a Wyandotte County licensed plumber for leak repairs. Plumber shall contact 913-573-9843 for the maintenance permit that’s required.

Colored Illustratration showing a water meter 

THE SHUT-OFF VALVE inside the house controls water flow in the home. Find out where it is and how to turn it off for emergencies and home repairs.

For water issues/concerns, please call: 913-573-9622.

maintains public sewer lines and storm drains. For storm drains call 913-573-5400. For public sewer lines call 913-573-5535.

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